How To Buy at Under Big Roof?

To order your purchase:-

1. Find your desired product(s) and click "More Details"

2. For the products you wish to purchase, the price shown is for one unit. If you wish to purchase more than one unit, kindly type in your quantites to see the price differences.




3. Click "Buy Now!" on the product(s) you wish to purchase. The product(s) will then be moved to your shopping cart. If you wish to purchase other product(s), continue browsing on our website and follow the instructions from step 1 to 3 to add product(s) into the shopping cart.


4. Once you have completed your purchase and you may wish to proceed for check-out, go to "view my shopping cart" and click "Checkout" to proceed to view the details of your purchase(s).

5. You will reach to page which summarizes your details of purchase(s). In this page also, you need to log-in your account using your Email and Password. If you do not have any account created yet, you need to register an account before you proceed to the next step.


6. You will need to confirm your delivery address on the same page. From here, you also will be able to see your delivery method. You will then need to click to agree on "Terms of Service"

7. Kindly leave any remarks under "Leave a message" if you have any preferences on your product(s) purchase. For e.g, type in one blue and one red colour for your total piillow purchase.

8. Next you will need to choose your payment method for your purchase(s). Click on your preferred payment method.

9.  You will be routed to an "Order Summary" page for the details of the order. Click "Place my order" to confirm. If you wish to change your payment method, click "other payment methods"

10. Your order is now confirmed and payment details to us will be shown in the next page. We will only proceed with your purchase transaction once we have received payment from you.

If you face any problems during your purchase, kindly contact our admin at
Thank You and Happy Shopping at Under Big Roof! :)